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WARNING - - - Do not try to use the Crossbow Decocker until you read and fully understand the process of installing and defusing your crossbow. DO NOT try to make your Crossbow Decocker work on a crossbow without a flight groove barrel, or on a crossbow without an anti-dry fire mechanism. Please view our instructional video demo of the Crossbow Decocker on our website on how the unit is properly installed and crossbow safely defused. Always inspect your Crossbow Decocker prior to using for any damaged, bent, or broken parts. Crossbow Decocker LLC is not liable for any damage caused to improper use of the product.


FIT --To see if the Crossbow Decocker fits your crossbow. It is important to make sure that the crossbow you intend to use it on has a wide enough flight groove barrel for the wedge to fit loosely inside, an anti-dry fire mechanism, and check to see if your riser is flush or higher than the top of the barrel at the point where the U- brace will rest against the riser. This Crossbow Decocker will not fit reverse curve crossbows. On some models, the wedge should be turned over if the bottom of the wedge touches the bottom of the crossbow barrel flight groove where it would tend to stick. There could be other interfering factors not listed above such as accessory brackets interfering with the installation. Ask your dealer if the Crossbow Decocker will work on your crossbow, or if you are unsure about adjusting your Crossbow Decocker to fit your crossbow. The Crossbow Decocker has adjustments to fit on most of the newer models.It is important to be certain of the proper fit


1. After your crossbow is cocked and you need to un-cock/defuse it, make sure it is on safety and place the crossbow across your lap or a flat surface, pointing in a safe direction.

2. Loosen the T knob which locks down on the steel wedge on your Crossbow Decocker.

3. Rest the nock end of your Decocker into the flight groove barrel and slide it slightly under the retention spring on your crossbow.





4. Raise up the ball end and slide the U-brace (T knob upright) over and down, resting on the barrel between the riser and cables







5. Now slide the nock end of the wedge under the retention spring, into the latch, and the serving is tight inside the nock end of the Decocker. If the anti-dry fire mechanism is not depressed, the crossbow will not fire. While holding the crossbow level, slide the U-brace tightly against or into the riser brace while making sure the serving is tightly in the nock, tighten the T knob tightly while holding the U-brace firmly against the riser stop. Now, double check and make sure the Ubrace and nock end of wedge are tight against their stop points and the T knob is tightened.


6. Pointing in a safe direction, take the safety off and squeeze the trigger. You will hear a click. Your serving is now being supported by the Crossbow Decocker. Holding the crossbow by the foregrip with one hand, and pointing in a safe direction, unscrew the T knob with your dominant hand until the string and serving are in the defused/neutral position. Unscrew the T knob just slightly more, slide back 1/2", tighten, and lift off.

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