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Safely, Quickly, and Quietly uncock your crossbow

Standard Decocker_edited.jpg

Standard Crossbow Decocker: Now $60.99 - In stock

Universal Decocker_edited.png

Universal Crossbow Decocker: Now $70.99 - In stock

The Crossbow Decocker is a portable crossbow de-cocking system for most major brand crossbows. Easily attach to your crossbow by sliding in like an arrow. The Crossbow Decocker safely and quietly decocks crossbows in seconds! 

Extra Benefits:

  • Reduce shots taken with your crossbow

  • Zinc plated metal

  • Made in USA

  • Less than 3lbs 

  • No need to carry a discharge target or shoot arrows into the ground

  • Decock your crossbow safely, quickly, and quietly 

  • Hunter Safety Instructors can use it to teach crossbow safety in their classes 

  • Bow Shops can allow customers to test cocking crossbows without shooting it

  • Check timing on your cams

  • Change string in the field instead of paying a shop to change it (parts sold separately)

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